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I was disgusted when I read this. "Politentia" posted it in _debate_now_:

"The United States is violating its own policy of world democracy abroad as well as at home.
In a recent surge of effort to colonize any oil-producing (but politically corrupt) countries, the United States has made its move on the Middle East by invading both Iraq and Afghanistan. Strategically speaking, these were very good moves. Not only are the invaded countries oil-rich (Iraq produces about 2.25 million bbl/day, according to the CIA world factbook), but geographically speaking, it is very important that the United States has at least one outpost in the Middle East. China and India are the two fastest-growing economies in the world today, and with militarily powerful Russia to the north, it is not impossible to forsee a 1984-esque Eurasian alliance within the next half-century. Such an alliance would surely provoke world war if it invaded any country, and it would almost as surely win (for explanation of this statement, look at any political map of the world) due merely to its geographical position. If such superpowers as China, India, and Russia were to war amongst each other, the conflict(s) would result in the deaths of millions of people, with or without world war.
But strategy is never the whole picture. Over 15,000 Iraqi civilians and over 2,000 American soldiers have died for the aforementioned "strategy" since the US-led invasion. Even without Saddam Hussein in power, civil strife has continued in great measure, with suicide bombings terrorizing civilians almost daily. In many cases, living standards have gone down rather than up since the invasion. It is now dangerous for children to walk to school in many areas for fear of the suicide bombers, and any person seen associating with US troops, even to obtain food, is often in danger. In such an environment, it is difficult for liberty to survive, let alone thrive.
So how can the United States fix what it has done? To back out of Iraq now would mean leaving the country in the hands of rebels. How can a brand-new constitution survive in a lawless society? But the longer the United States stays in Iraq, more of the rebels are antagonized, and violence escalates on an almost-daily basis.
Iraq will take a while to recover from the injuries it has been dealt, both by the United States and extremists from within Iraq itself. As soon as stable government and military are established, the United States must withdraw from Iraq, regardless of strategy."

See "comments" for my views on this.

Attention South Florida Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers, and Humanists

Our current members and I of the Broward Atheists Meetup (www.browardatheists.com and in www.meetup.com) welcome all interested in atheism, theism, freethought, agnosticism, humanism, transhumanism, state and church seperation (otherwise known as seperation of sturch), and related topics to our Tuesday meetings after 6:30pm. The www.browardatheists.com website has details on our venue, it is currently a pub, but will change when more members are acquired. We're already bulging at the seams with an average attendance of about twelve. No matter your age, beliefs, or preferences, we'd like to hear your opinion. Even the sternest Christians may come and present their thoughts, because if you really believe we're going to hell, we sure don't want to be wrong about the subject, haha, but most members are pretty confident about their atheism and agnosticism. I mention the invitation only to be open-minded. Anyways, we usually discuss religion, politics, philosophy, etc. but do not feel obligated to have to order anything despite it being a pub. There is no membership fee either, it is an informal event so far seeing how we have too few to be more organized, but we'd like to be! And we'd like to have enough people to start some activism and be as productive as possible.

Aside from the weekly Tuesday meetings, there are fun events such as campfires and beach barbeques scheduled. We sure would like to cooperate with other groups and more members to voice the rights and freedoms we and others deserve regardless of our beliefs and with your ideas and help, this can be made possible. The current goal is to eliminate the negative stigma attached to our labels by altruism and stoicism such as scholarships and good deeds. E-mail me with any questions or better yet, any one else you can get in contact with from the website to get a clearer understanding of who and what we are. We turn no one down and encourage debate, skepticism, and reason. The meetings are definitely worthwhile and interesting or else I wouldn't waste the little free time I have as a college student to invite any one else to come join the experience. If you are in the area and find the time inconvenient with your busy schedule, no hard feelings will be had, but at least sign the guestbook so we can know you support us and wish you could come. :-)

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